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Your Accreditation Visit Is Looming

Your Accreditation Visit Is Looming

We all have a favorite holiday or event that occurs annually. Though it comes the same time every year, it always seems to sneak up. But every year, you’ll tell yourself the same story. “Next year, I’ll start my shopping early.” And, just like the year before, you will find yourself frantically searching the Internet to find a company that can get you the supplies you need on short notice. With free shipping 😉

A similar feeling emerges as the accreditation visit nears. You first hear the visit date – November 2021. Well, that might as well be 100 years away from your last accreditation visit. The year 2020 has sounded odd to write, say, and hear. And yet it is here, right now. And that accreditation report is due next year (yikes!). You may have even thought, “I probably won’t even be at this institution for the next accreditation visit.”

Large clock face about to turn 6:00 representing approaching accreditation visit

If your college or university is like most, student success has been THE highest priority for faculty, staff, and administrators for years. Leadership has likely directed personnel and significant budget dollars to the effort. There is a lot of data to showcase on student success initiatives (perhaps too much). You may have felt overwhelmed at all the new initiatives focused on helping students succeed. After all – this has been a campus priority for years.

As the accreditation liaison, you start pulling together information for the student success section of the report. You are knowledgeable about the institution. But you find yourself having difficulty reconciling all of the reports, analyses, dissaggregations, and differing rates. How will the Accreditation Review Team ever make sense of this if you can’t?

Telling Your Student Success Story at Your Accreditation Visit

Telling your student success story is important – especially in the accreditation report.

You might be thinking – “YES! I know that. But HOW do I do it?” Context is critical. Without context, comparing one institution’s completion rate to another’s can feel like comparing apples and eggs. Your success story needs to highlight your UNIQUE student and institutional characteristics. And your overall completion rate just doesn’t tell the whole story. For that, you’ll need a RealityCheck.

A New Tool for Accreditation Reporting

Your institution’s RealityCheck Report will show you how to highlight where you have exceeded expectations and identify where to focus future strategic efforts. Our groundbreaking RealityCheck Rate analyzes reported completion rates against RealityCheck (expected) completion rates, which are based on the institution’s unique characteristics. Your RealityCheck Report is an unbiased review of your students’ success. Your results can be used to concentrate faculty and staff efforts on student groups where there are gains to be made.

Library shelves filled with books and a high vaulted ceiling

Want to Learn More?

Learn more and get a sneak peek at your 2020 RealityCheck results. With this new analytic tool, you can:

  • Understand what you’re getting right, and where you have room for improvement.
  • Focus your institution’s limited resources on students who can benefit most from the support.
  • Show others the evidence that your team is making a difference in student success.
  • Better tell your institution’s student success story.
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