RealityCheck Groupings Full Infographic

What Do I Do with IPEDS-OM?

The IPEDS – Outcome Measures (IPEDS-OM) data. It still feels new. And it may feel particularly new if you haven’t had time to explore it yet. But actually – it isn’t THAT new. IPEDS-OM has been around since 2015-16.

So, if this “seems new-but isn’t” data is still new to you, it’s time you set aside some time to make yourself more familiar. Because you are missing SO MUCH good stuff! IPEDS-OM includes a variety of subgroup data, including Full-Time/Part-Time, First-Time/Transfer-In, Pell Grant Recipients/Non-Pell. Basically, this data can be parsed into subgroups the following ways:

IPEDS-OM (Outcome Measures) Groupings infographic

Colleges and Universities can use the detailed information provided by IPEDS-OM to compare the success rates of all of their undergraduate students. Not just First-time/Full-Time students as in previous years. As you can see, your institution’s completion data can be conveniently disaggregated into 12 groups.

Best of all – you can benchmark your data to other institutions – because they reported it too.

Digging Deeper

Having your completion data by student group makes a big difference in your understanding of who is succeeding at your institution and who is not. But if you really want to know how well your students are doing, you’ll need some sort of baseline. One such baseline would be to compare these actual rates against what would be predicted for them based on your unique institutional and student characteristics.

Woman sitting at a desk behind a laptop with her arms in the air in a cheer. Maybe she just figured out she can use IPEDS-OM data.

Leaders who want to go the extra mile by bringing new data insights to their campus now have a new tool at their disposal – RealityCheck. An institution’s RealityCheck Report will compare the predicted rate to the reported rate for each of the 12 student groups. This lets campus leaders know who is doing better than you’d expect, and who is falling short. A so-so reported completion rate is much more promising–and provides much more insight–when compared to a lower predicted rate for that group. RealityCheck helps you identify and build on the successes of your institution.

Let RealityCheck bring purpose and context to your IPEDS-OM data! Learn more and get a sneak peek at your 2020 RealityCheck results.

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