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The EdUp Experience with Kristina Powers

Kristina Powers, the president of IEHE, was an invited guest on The EdUp Experience podcast. EdUp’s goal is to inspire and educate people to pursue a life-long learning mindset – no matter the path they choose.

“I was thrilled to have an opportunity to field questions about data collection, use, and the benefits of appropriate deep dive analyses in the higher education field,” said Kristina.

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Interview Highlights with Kristina Powers

At most institutions, Kristina noted, “data are being collected everywhere.” But it’s challenging to determine what data is really meaningful enough for collection. It’s tempting to collect every piece of data “just in case. ” But “there has to be a strategy with that data and how you’re collecting it.” While it’s becoming cheaper to collect data, it’s expensive to parse through it all to make meaning. Even in ordinary times, colleges and universities need to be judicious about how they spend resources.

Kristina mentioned the value to the institution of “telling a better data story.” This comment really resonated with the podcast interviewers. Everyone is more interested in listening to a story, right? So, they appreciated the focus on making data come alive rather than viewing these metrics as a dry set of data points.

Kristina also provided brief background on the IPEDS data collection relative to graduation/completion rates. She also explained the recent revisions to the data collection process. IPEDS now considers a broader student population than just first-time full-time students. She provided a practical description of IEHE’s latest data analytic tool, RealityCheck. And explained how it can help an institution identify areas of institutional strength and opportunities for improvement.

Of course, the conversation eventually turned to the current pandemic. Kristina shared some ideas of what institutional researchers and data wonks can do to support their institutions during the crisis.

You can find the full 45-minute podcast on The EdUp Experience website. Just look for the Higher Education and The Data Story podcast on their site. You can also find the interview on Stitcher.


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You can connect with Kristina through LinkedIn to stay in touch with the IEHE. And be sure to connect with the hosts of The EdUp Experience too – Elvin FreytesElizabeth Leiba, and Dr. Joe Sallustio.