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We want you to have the metrics you need to tell your institution’s student success stories. Choose the RealityCheck tools that meet your needs each year. All packages provide a customized RealityCheck Report for the year(s) requested. Reports for 2019 and 2020 available now! Choose from our most popular RealityCheck packages.


Discounts available for multi-year purchases. RealityCheck Package prices subject to change.

RealityCheck Packages


RealityCheck Report

Analysis comparing reported and RealityCheck completion rates 

Strategies for applying the results and engaging stakeholders

Reusable images, graphs, and charts


*Buy both your 2019 & 2020 RealityCheck Reports today for $14,000, a $1,000 Savings!


RealityCheck Report


Trend Analysis

Your RealityCheck Report

Trend Analyses for all years your institution purchased its RealityCheck Reports

Reusable Trend Analysis graphics



RealityCheck Report


Benchmark Analysis

Your Realitycheck Report

Benchmark Analysis comparing RealityCheck Rates to aggregated averages for comparison group

Self-selected comparison group of 10-20 institutions; option for analysis of additional comparison groups

Reusable Benchmarking graphics


+ $3,000 for each additonal

Comparison Group


RealityCheck Report


Benchmark & Trend Analyses

Your RealityCheck Report

RealityCheck Benchmark Analysis for selected comparison group(s)

RealityCheck Trend Analysis for all years your institution purchased its RealityCheck Reports

Reusable RealityCheck, Benchmarking, & Trend graphics


+ $3,000 for each additonal

Comparison Group

*Save $1,000 off individual tool prices!

Not sure which RealityCheck package is right for your institution? Email me at KP@instituteforeffectiveness.org

Custom RealityCheck Options Available

Organizations working with multiple colleges and/or universities, accreditors, state higher education systems, and other organizations may be able to request aggregate RealityCheck data reports for groups of institutions they work with. The Institute for Effectiveness team will help you identify your goals and determine your RealityCheck analysis and reporting needs. Contact us today!

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