Strategic Research

IEHE uses our data analytic powerhouse skills to not just conduct research for research sake — we focus on strategic research that has practical and actionable use for higher education leaders. In short, our strategic research creates positive changes for student success.

Compared to full-time students, higher education professionals know very little about part-time students. And we know even less about part-time students at four-year colleges and universities. The term “part-time students” usually brings to mind  community colleges. But – there are over 2 million part-time students at four year institutions pursuing their undergraduate degree. That’s right – we’re not just talking about part-time graduate students. As such, IEHE’s current strategic research national project focuses on student success of part-time students at four year institutions.

Image reads - Nearly 2 million undergraduate students attend college part-time at four year institutions. Focus on student success.

Part-Time Students at Four-Year Institutions

Given the anticipated enrollment increase in part-time students, and the relative lack of information about them, IEHE is focusing on learning as much as possible about this population.

IEHE’s Strategic Research Focus

Focusing in on institutions with over-performing RealityCheck Rates for part-time students.

Reviewing institutional websites to identify exceptional part-time student supports offered at these over-achieving institutions.

Reaching out to higher education leaders at those institutions to learn more.

Benefits to Higher Education

Inform higher education professionals about best-practices for part-time students at four-year institutions.

Set standards for determining achievable part-time completion rates.

Increase the number of part-time students completing their degrees.

About RealityCheck

If you aren’t familiar with RealityCheck yet. No worries. We offer a video, brief description, links to more details, interpretative examples, as well as a more detailed multi-chapter background paper. In short, many institutions have out-grown or never were a fan of traditional graduation rates for first-time full-time students. Those rates were never designed to assess all institutions. And they’re particularly bad at assessing success for institutions which have large part-time and transfer-in populations. If that sound like your institution, then you may be interested in RealityCheck. It’s a more comprehensive student success metrics to help you better tell your institution’s success story and identify which student groups need more support.