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Spotlight on Strategy with Ms. Sandra Kinney

At the IEHE, we are always excited to have the opportunity to highlight the incredible work being done by our colleagues. As part of the launch of Data Strategy in Colleges and Universities: From Understanding to Implementation, edited by our own Kristina Powers, we’re bringing you a series of profiles of the higher education professionals who share their knowledge and expertise in the book.

Head shot of Data Strategy in Colleges and Universities author Dr. Sandra Kinney.

Sandra Kinney serves as Senior Director of Institutional Research and Planning at Georgia Tech. She co-wrote Chapter 4: Data Strategy Versus an Information Technology Planning with Jason Lee Wang. This chapter discusses the drastic differences between a data strategy and an IT plan—and advocates that both are crucial.

Key Chapter Takeaways

Sandra says the importance of alignment and interdependency of data strategy and information technology planning is the concept she hopes most readers will take to heart.

Ms. Sandra Kinney On the Process of Writing

Sandra loves writing when the ideas and words are flowing, but not when it becomes forced and contrived. She encourages other authors to write everything that comes to your mind. Then pare it down and focus on the most important pieces.

An Excerpt from Data Strategy in Colleges and Universities:

Excerpt from Chapter 4 of Data Strategy in Colleges and Universities: Information technology (IT) and data play a large part in the overall structure of an institution, affecting delivery of services, communication, academic support, compliance and research. With the rapid evolution of technology, data strategy has become more and more crucial as institutions strive to maintain a competitive edge against one another and respond to disruptions caused by technological innovations. The changes in technology, data, and how we access data have changed dramatically in recent years. Data are being used in ways we never thought were possible. Developments in machine learning, biometrics, storage, and collection of data are occurring daily. To keep up with the rapid changes and competitive environments across higher education, IT planning must align with data strategy, but each institution must also work within the constraints of resources.

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Does your campus tie your data strategy to its information technology plan? If not, how do you think that closely aligning them could help you professionally? Tell us about it in the comments below.