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Data Analytic Tools

The Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education develops tools to help institutions and individuals capitalize on the opportunities brought about by having more, better information. Our data analytic tools take the pressure off institutional resources, freeing up time and energy for using the information to make better decisions.


You need data analytic tools that accelerate your institution’s ability to translate a better, more comprehensive understanding of its student success metrics into actionable decision making. Institutions like yours rely on custom analytic tools like RealityCheck and Innov-graphics to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency in meeting strategic objectives.

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Comprehensive Consulting Solutions And Special Projects

Sometimes the most complex problems call for focused, custom work. At the Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education, we understand that sometimes what institutions and departments need most is some extra helping hands to meet deadlines, support large-scale accountability activities, and/or fill the knowledge and production gaps left by employee turnover. IEHE partners with colleges and universities to provide consulting and special project services, creating deliverables that move the needle and get the job done. We can help you use data analytics and metrics that break through barriers and lead to real, observable change.

Higher Ed Influencer

Change is constant in higher education, and the IEHE understands that building and maintaining an exceptional institution/organization means continually seeking opportunities for improvement. We study and publicly share the kind of information we think will help institutions and individuals work toward a building a stronger system. We seek out opportunities for partnerships and research that will add to the body of knowledge and practice in the field and share them with the higher education community through the website, presentations and publications.

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