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Types of Institutions

The Institute for Effectiveness works with all types of institutions within the higher education arena. The IEHE partners with 2- and 4-year public, private not-for profit and private for-profit colleges and universities. We also work with higher education organizations, system offices and professional associations.

Size and Scope of Projects

We’ve all seen projects snowball, to-do lists get out of hand and scopes creep to the point that the original project goals are long forgotten. At the Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education, we work with our partners to make sure that the size, scope, and expected outcomes of our projects are clear from the beginning. Whether the project is long or short term, big or small, our goal is to complete the work in the timeframe you need.


In higher education, institutions and individuals are always striving to be their best. The Institute for Effectiveness develops tools to help them enhance their effectiveness. We design innovative and easy-to-use products, such as our RealityCheck Report, that give decision makers access to data and analytics that are critical for student and institutional success. Since individuals working in and alongside higher education are also seeking ways to excel, the Institute for Effectiveness creates tools that support professional growth and development.

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Change is constant in higher education, and the IEHE understands that building and maintaining an exceptional institution/organization means continually seeking opportunities for improvement. We study and publicly share the kind of information we think will help institutions and individuals work toward a building a stronger system. We seek out opportunities for partnerships and research that will add to the body of knowledge and practice in the field and share them with the higher education community through the website, presentations and publications.


Through its partnerships, the Institute provides support designed to resolve current challenges and establish the infrastructure needed for continued success.


In providing resource reinforcement, the IEHE provides institutions with the expertise and/or labor required to complete institutional and program accreditation, institutional research functions, benchmarking and reporting requirements. The Institute supports clients in capacity and capability initiatives, including strategic and long-range planning, infrastructure design and development, and data coaching.


Support from the IEHE is customizable to meet the institution or individual’s needs, including staffing, duration, deliverables and face-to-face engagement.

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