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Resource Reinforcement & Capability Building

Resource Reinforcement

At the Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education, we understand that sometimes what institutions and departments need most is some extra helping hands to meet deadlines, support large-scale accountability activities, and/or fill the knowledge and production gaps left by employee turnover. The IEHE supports institutions and individuals when these situations arise by working with them to pinpoint where and what type support is needed and develop a plan for meeting objectives. Some examples of how the IEHE provides Resource Reinforcement include:


Accreditation Preparation and Support: Support data collection and analysis for regional and program accreditation self-studies and on-site reviews.


Benchmarking: Help institutions and programs identify key data for comparison to peer and aspirational institutions in order to to improve institutional effectiveness, including strategic planning, academic program feasibility studies and comparison studies.


IPEDS and Reporting Services: Extract, analyze and submit IPEDS and other reporting data. Work with institutions to develop and implement processes and procedures to improve reporting efficiency.

How Does it Work?:

Accreditation Preparation and Support

Preparing for accreditation self-studies and visits, whether institutional or programmatic, can be daunting! The process of reviewing and interpreting requirements, gathering data, identifying incomplete or missing information and engaging stakeholders across the institution presents unique challenges for every institution. Even more challenging can be responding to the findings and making the improvements required for continued accreditation.


The Institute for Effectiveness works with clients at various stages in the accreditation process. Our team “speaks accreditor”–we understand what they are looking for and how to best provide the required data. We can help you with a variety of accreditation activities, including developing a plan for completing the accreditation report, preparing staff for interacting with visiting accreditors, or managing responses and building infrastructure to support mandated improvements.

How Does it Work?:

IPEDS and Reporting Services

They say only 2 things are certain in life: death and taxes. In higher education, the one certain thing is IPEDS. Every year, multiple times per year, institutions across the country collect, analyze, and report data to the National Center for Education Statistics through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. This reporting requires an understanding of the requirements, coordination across campus, and accessibility to data and data systems.


The IEHE team is ready to support your institution’s IPEDS needs. Whether your needs are related to ensuring your data is reported accurately or your institution could use some assistance in developing a more efficient process and engaging key stakeholders along the way, we’ve got you covered. Considering making big institutional changes, such as new programs/degree levels, structural changes, etc.? IEHE can help you prepare accordingly by understanding the implications with respect to IPEDS reporting.

Capability Building

We know that consulting services are often seen as a temporary fix to a bigger institutional issue. Our goal at the Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education is to go beyond temporary fixes and work with clients to build the capabilities their institutions need to be more effective and prepared moving forward. We do this by working with institutions and individuals to develop skills, resources and infrastructure that will set them up to meet future needs in-house.


Capability Building is incorporated into our Resource Reinforcement services through knowledge transfer, staff and resource development and infrastructure planning. In addition, we offer other ways for institutions and individuals to improve their performance, including:


Data Coaching: Coach individuals in leadership and data positions to understand and manage institutional data, analysis and communication needs for the institution.


Institutional Effectiveness Infrastructure Review and Development: Review and recommend or create and design the infrastructure for new or enhanced institutional effectiveness activities, including institutional research departmental design, data and assessment schedules, processes to meet internal needs and external compliance.


Student Success: Analyze internal and external data and best practices to make recommendations to improve student success.

How Does it Work?:

Data Coaching

Data fluency is increasingly important to higher education professionals at every level and in every department of the institution. However, understanding of how to effectively ask for, analyze, interpret and disseminate data is not intuitive for many of us! Fine-tuning your skills can bring continued success to you and your institution.


Whether you’re facing challenges communicating about data in your current position or you want to prepare yourself for using data in future roles, the IEHE’s Data Coaches will work with you to achieve your goals. We’ll develop a customized plan that will set you up for success.

How Does it Work?:

Institutional Effectiveness Infrastructure Review & Development

As institutions adopt evolving best practices and emerging technologies for data, they may find themselves wondering if their current infrastructure makes the most of their new practices and tools. It can be difficult to find time in the daily shuffle to step back and look for duplicated efforts and opportunities to share or combine resources.


The team at the Institute for Effectiveness works side-by-side with institutions as they take on the review and redesign of institutional effectiveness activities. We can help you assess your institutions needs and processes, and work toward the design and implementation of a more efficient structure.

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