Institutional Reports & Tools

At IEHE, we know you and your team are busy. Federal, state, and accreditation deadlines wait for no one. We’ve assembled some of the most common reports that institutions need on a regular basis for internal analyses or external compliance. Reports meet applicable federal and higher education reporting requirements — so you and your team do not need to be expert in a federal regulation that is reviewed once a year — IEHE keeps up on the changes for you.


And, we’ve streamlined the process with online payments (that typically are below p-card thresholds) and no complicated contracts.  Check out our current institutional reports & tools. Don’t see one listed that you were hoping we would have? Contact us to discuss.

CATC Full Data Analytics Sample

College Affordability and Transparency Center (CATC) – Data Analytic Report

Each year the federal government releases the College Affordability and Transparency Center (CATC) lists. Because the CATC lists contain a lot of information to digest, IEHE has created the CATC Data Analytics report to help higher education leaders understand their results. This format offers one, easy to understand page, designed for senior leaders. With the CATC Data Analytics report, an institution can understand which lists it is on, how close or far away from each of those lists, and how to keep itself in good standing for the future. This service also includes a one-hour meeting with the President of IEHE and institutional representatives of your choosing to discuss the results and potential action items. (See ‘Custom CATC Reports‘ tab)

Student Right to Know for Athletic Graduation Rates

Looking for a way to be more efficient with your Student Right to Know (SRTK) for Athletic Graduation Rates? IEHE can help create your federally compliant report. We are up to date on the requirements and regulations. Let us take this compliance reporting off your hands.

First page of Sample SRTK Report
RealityCheck Gague and narrative info explaining that Extraordinary University exceeds student completion expectations

RealityCheck — Telling Your Institution’s Story of ALL Student Successes

The RealityCheck Report is the first and only data analytic tool to provide an independent, third-party analysis of your students’ reported vs expected completion rates — accounting for your institution’s unique student and institutional characteristics. The analysis also includes data for your non-traditional students — which are often not counted in other national measures.

Custom Higher Ed Consulting & Project Solutions

Have a task or idea that you could use some help in developing? Not sure how to get started? IEHE is ready to work with you to define your needs and develop a plan to get the work done.

Hand holding lit light bulb with idea cogs floating through it for a higher education consulting project.