Play to Your Strengths in Accreditation

Envision an accreditation report or visit that is truly a joint campus effort. All senior leaders and key stakeholders enthusiastically participate in the development of materials and look forward to showcasing their strengths to the accreditation review team — and, actually look forward to feedback for continuous improvement from the accreditor. The entire campus community shares in a successful accreditation outcome, while beginning to work on the next round of leveling-up.

The Data Show …

45% of institutions received an action that will require more work after their accreditation decision.
One of the top 5 challenges for Accreditation Liaisons is: Getting buy-in from campus stakeholders.
Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity.
Play to your strengths in Accreditation with gears and IEHE Logo

Details About the Play to Your Strengths in Accreditation Program

The program includes: 

  • Kick-off meeting with Accreditation Liaison (or project designee)
  • 1-1 interviews with senior leadership using my Strengths Magnifier framework.
  • Review your institution’s and division’s recent accomplishments and strategic plan.
  • IEHE’s Play to Your Strengths in Accreditation Report, which identifies strategies for playing to your strengths. The Report leverages IEHE’s database of accreditation decisions, recommendations, commendations, and accreditation team reports.
  • Discussion of the Play to Your Strengths in Accreditation Report with the President and the Accreditation Liaison.
  • Strengths-Forward meeting with Accreditation Liaison.
  • Follow-up email access for 90 days.


Ready to learn more? Connect with KP Powers to schedule a Discovery session. We’ll discuss if this is a good fit for your needs.

Work with KP Powers to identify and play to your strengths in your next accreditation

KP is a national expert in accreditation. She has:


– Served as Accreditation Liaison at multiple institutions throughout the country.

– Successfully helped multiple institutions get off the naughty list (e.g., warning, notice of concern).

– Founded the Accreditation Liaison Collaborative – the only national community of current and former Accreditation Liaisons.

– Served on multiple accreditation team reviews.

– Publishes on accreditation topics, including a chapter on accreditation in Organization & Administration in Higher Education (3rd edition).

– Serves as a national IPEDS trainer, for nearly 15 years.

– Invited to serve on the National Postsecondary Education Cooperative, the NC-SARA Data Advisory Committee, the Journal of Postsecondary Student Success editorial board.


Learn more about KP and get her vita.

Kristina KP Powers at computer
KP played a critical-pathway role in our institution getting off the Warning list. She suggested using a tried-and-true approach for assessment that left the accreditation committee with no further questions on assessment during the meeting.
Sometimes it is hard to see your own strengths, especially when you don't speak the accreditation language. KP is an accreditation translator. She helped us identify and leverage our strengths in a way that could be understood by accreditors. KP also identified gaps that we could address in advance of the review.
KP helped our leadership team see how the strengths in each Vice President's division aligned with the accreditation standards. As a result, our leadership team was able to be more engaged in the development of the report and the on-site visits.