IPEDS Reporting and Review

The reporting requirements for colleges and universities are substantial (and sometimes overwhelming). Among them, the data reported to the National Center on Education Statistics’ Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is particularly important to get right. Because IPEDS data are public, the data are shared broadly to multiple stakeholders — prospective students, parents/families, legislators, researchers, college guide books, etc.

Occasionally, colleges and universities find that they need additional support and/or expertise with their IPEDS reporting. IEHE provides comprehensive IPEDS Reporting and Review services to institutions that need our help. Our services can include reviewing prior year reports for alignment with IPEDS definitions, identifying opportunities for improved efficiency, and developing infrastructure for managing IPEDS data collection. For institutions that are temporarily without an IPEDS Keyholder, we can serve in that role, working with key stakeholders on your campus to facilitate timely completion of the surveys.

This is an image of higher education professional workin on an IPEDS report.

IPEDS Reporting Services

Short on the time, expertise or human resources you need to get your IPEDS reporting in before data collection closes? Let the IEHE IPEDS Reporting Team help you meet your deadlines. Our team will work with your key stakeholders and department experts to identify what needs to be done. Together, we’ll come up with a plan to collect the information and complete the IPEDS reports.

IPEDS Comprehensive Reviews

Is your IPEDS Reporting on track? IEHE’s IPEDS Review Team will perform a customized, objective review of your reports, supporting documents, and processes. After our review, we’ll provide feedback about what is going well. We’ll also give you recommendations for improved efficiency and effectiveness based on best practices, and propose opportunities for making your reporting more complete.

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IPEDS Reporting and Review Needs