What's This I Hear about IPEDS and Athletic Graduation Rates?
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What’s This I Hear about IPEDS and Athletic Graduation Rates?

What’s This I Hear about IPEDS and Athletic Graduation Rates?

This beginning of the school year is such a great time of year. Of course, THE best part is that its also the beginning of IPEDS season! Yes, I know — and you do, too, if you read my last blog — I get a little excited about IPEDS.

Last week, IPEDS sent out emails to key holders. No matter the institution, the first step in the IPEDS process is to register and review some basic info about your institution. One of these items is the website URL that provides student right to know data for athletic graduation rates.

Athletes starting footrace on track should be counted in athletic graduation rates.

Athletic Graduation Rates?

Now, many IPEDS key holders have been doing IPEDS for YEARS (or—ahem—what feels like years). I’ve been doing IPEDS for nearly 15 years. But somehow, I discover valuable new information every year — due in large part to serving as an IPEDS Educator teaching workshops, talking with colleagues, and developing IPEDS training curriculum. In my IPEDS discussions, one thing I often hear is “I had no idea we needed to publish our athletic graduation rate data!”.

I’m not talking about regular institutional graduation rates. I’m talking about your athletic graduation rate data. And not just any athletic graduation rate data — data that complies with Federal Regulation 668.45.

You might be wondering when they sneaked this new requirement in. I’m sorry to tell you, but this requirement has actually been around for decades. (Doesn’t everyone else read federal regulations in their spare time?!?) As you can see from the previous link, institutions are required to make publicly available a report that specifically shows its athletes’ graduation rates.

How to Comply

Now, if your institution is a bit behind the curve here, no need to panic. Here is a sample of what the report should look like. A quick Google will show you that the presentation of the data can vary a little — but most follow a very similar format.  What does not vary is that these reports are due and are required to be publicly posted each year by July 1. The easiest way to comply with the posting requirement is to share the information via a link or text on your website. In fact, IPEDS asks you to provide the URL for your athletic graduation rate data:

IPEDS question asking for the URL for the institution's Athletic Graduation Rate Data.

Maybe you’re feeling unsure where to start with this. Or maybe you’re feeling like your institution would benefit from a friendly review and critique of your IPEDS submissions. If so, the IEHE can help. Our team’s IPEDS expertise, combined with our core values of improving efficiency and enhancing effectiveness, can help your institution find ways to improve the process and your reporting accuracy. 

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