Institutional Research Bridge Services

Having consistent Institutional Research support is critical for colleges and universities. Unfortunately, sometimes an institution can experience a gap due to turnover, leaves of absence or other unforeseen reasons. Even though there may be other staff who are capable of performing the tasks, there simply may not be enough time or shared knowledge for those employees to carry the load until until your institution identifies a permanent employee, an employee returns, or the increased demand for IR support has passed (e.g., accreditation visit is complete).

When you need an extra pair of hands, the IEHE can help. Our Institutional Research Bridge & Temporary Services provide you with experienced, hands-on IR support that is customized to what your institution needs right now. Working with your existing institutional staff, we can provide IR support on critical reports and projects. Our staff are also well-versed in all aspects of IR services, including IPEDS, annual reporting, survey development and analysis, etc.


Colleges and universities rely on IEHE’s IR Bridge Services to provide the expertise and/or labor required to complete a wide variety of Institutional Research & Effectiveness functions. We work with all types of institutions within the higher education arena, including 2- and 4-year public, private not-for profit and private for-profit colleges and universities. Support from the IEHE is customizable to meet the institution’s needs, including staffing, duration, and deliverables.

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Institutional Research Bridge and Temporary Services

How It Works

Once your institution identifies the need for support in the institutional research area, contact IEHE for a free consultation.


During the consultation, we will discuss: (1) required compliance needs, (2) critical requests for internal stakeholders, and (3) projects to complement the existing IR efforts. We will create a workplan for as many items on the list as your budget allows.


IEHE will write up the contract and get to work. While IEHE is executing the workplan, you can search for a new employee.


As the contract winds down and the new employee begins, we will facilitate a hand-off meeting, including project status so that the new employee can quickly jump-in and get to work. Your contract will ensure that the IEHE team is available to answer questions during the first two weeks to efficiently transition the work.

What You Should Know

Because IEHE is leveraging decades of expertise and experience from our team members, we can complete the work more quickly than institutions would internally...and often more quickly than expected.


Typically, institutions utilize salary savings from the vacant position(s) to fund the work. Therefore, many institutions find they can expedite their internal approval processes because no new funds are being requested.


If needed, IEHE can make recommendations for where to advertise for the position, review the position description, and participate in final interviews.


Depending upon the experience of the new employee, IEHE can help with onboarding and provide additional coaching in needed areas for 1-6 months -- setting the the new employee up for success.

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