Higher Education Consulting

At the Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education, we understand that sometimes what institutions and departments need most is some extra helping hands to meet deadlines, support large-scale accountability activities, and/or fill the knowledge and production gaps left by employee turnover. The IEHE supports institutions and individuals when these situations arise by working with them to pinpoint where and what type support is needed and develop a plan for meeting objectives.

This is an image of a report for an accreditation visit.

Accreditation Preparation

Collecting and analyzing data for regional and program accreditation self-studies and on-site reviews is a huge undertaking. IEHE supports institutions with service offerings like document review and suggested revisions, mock-interviews and on-site visit simulations, and review of data throughout the report for consistency.

IPEDS Reporting and Review

IPEDS reporting is a big undertaking. Maybe you’re concerned about meeting approaching deadlines. Or maybe you’re wondering if there’s a way to improve the process. IEHE works with institutions to get IPEDS reports completed on time and offers thorough reviews of IPEDS reports and supporting documents. We’ll provide feedback on processes and documentation, as well as recommendations for efficiency, effectiveness, and opportunities for more complete reporting.

This is an image of higher education professional workin on an IPEDS report.
This is an image of a bridge for institutional research bridge services.

Institutional Research Bridge Services

Sometimes you really need an extra pair of hands. IEHE offers Institutional Research Bridge & Temporary Services for when you need experienced, hands-on IR support. We support critical reports and projects until your institution identifies a permanent employee, an employee returns, or the increased demand for IR support has passed (e.g., accreditation visit is complete).

Institutional Research & Institutional Effectiveness Development

Time to make a change? IEHE reviews and recommends infrastructure updates that enhance institutional research & effectiveness activities. We’ll help with things like IR departmental design, data and assessment scheduling, and processes for meeting internal needs and external compliance.

This is an image of an organization chart for institutional research and institutional effectiveness.
Graph on paper with red pencil for Benchmarking.

Benchmarking Support

It can be challenging to identify the right institutions for comparison groups. IEHE designs benchmarking analyses that improve institutional effectiveness, including strategic planning, academic program feasibility studies, and comparison studies.

Custom Higher Ed Consulting & Project Solutions

Have a task or idea that you could use some help in developing? Not sure how to get started? IEHE is ready to work with you to define your needs and develop a plan to get the work done.

Hand holding lit light bulb with idea cogs floating through it for a higher education consulting project.