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Big Ideas

At the IEHE, we believe that the sharing of perspectives, ideas, and tools makes our entire Higher Education system stronger. We strive to contribute to public conversations so that higher education institutions, professionals, and organizations can work toward enhancing their effectiveness capabilities. It is important to us to make available our new and big ideas, as they most certainly derive from the work and ideas of those who have come before us.
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Presenting Big Ideas

Presentations in PDF format can be downloaded by clicking the title slide.

Cover Slide for IR 101-Communication and Negotiation-CAIR 2019 presentation

IR 101: Communication and Negotiation Skills for IR 

CAIR 2019


While many IR professionals focus on developing technical skillsets, there is a tendency to overlook development of “Essential Skills” such as effective negotiation and communication skills. However, with the changing role of IR professionals the combination of such “Essential Skills” and technical skills becomes essential. This session is designed to help IR professionals identify and develop non-technical skills to facilitate the changing role of IR in many institutions. Using institutional project examples, practical strategies, and lessons learned regarding the necessity of soft skills in complex institutional projects are shared.


Dr. Kristina Powers, Dr. Paula Krist, Dr. Waddell Herron, and Dr. Leeshawn Moore

Cover Slide for AI & Storytelling: Beginner's Information for IR Application-CAIR 2019 presentation

AI and Storytelling: Beginner’s Information for IR Application

CAIR 2019


Data analysis is quickly becoming not enough to tell our institution’s story and help leaders identify where they should intervene. This session offers an introduction into two areas that can help IR professionals humanize data and get others to use it – storytelling and artificial intelligence (AI). While these topics seem to be the new “buzz” words and it can seem a bit overwhelming as to where to dig in, this session focuses on IR applications and provide some relevant resources for those who want to learn more.


Dr. Kristina Powers

Cover Slide for Getting Published-The CAIR Report-CAIR 2019 presentation

Getting Published: The CAIR Report

CAIR 2019


Come learn more about CAIR’s new online annual publication, “The CAIR Report”. “The CAIR Report” offers an opportunity for presenters at the annual CAIR conference to publish written versions of their research. In this session, co-editors of the CAIR Report will discuss the submission process and criteria for inclusion. The short presentation will be followed by a conversation with contributing authors about their experiences with the submission and publication process, then a Q & A from attendees.


Dr. Brianna Moore-Trieu and Dr. Kristina Powers

Cover Slide for Getting Credit for Serving Non-Traditional Students-CAIR 2019 presentation

Getting Credit for Serving Non‐Traditional Students

CAIR 2019


We all want to retain and graduate 100% of our students. But what does it mean when we graduate less than 100%? Did we fail? How can so much effort, time and energy result in some students dropping out or transferring? Current measures unfairly do not account for student and institutional characteristics that are correlated with lower completion rates, which tends to impact non-traditional and transfer serving institutions. This session shares results from a national study using IPEDS Outcome Measures (OM) data. This is the first national analysis that analyzes completion rates of transfer students while taking into account student and institution characteristics. Institutions educating non-traditional and transfer populations will find this session of value.


Dr. Kristina Powers

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