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Higher Ed Influencer

Higher Ed Influencer

The team at the Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education believes that the spirit of community and collaboration that is present in the field is a big part of what makes the work so rewarding. Since we have greatly benefited–both as an organization and as individuals–from this culture of sharing ideas and best practices, we feel it only makes sense to do our part to embrace and uphold this tradition.


When our work presents us with opportunities to look at data differently, explore new ideas and research emerging practices, we do so with an eye on how we can share what we learn with the higher education community. One example is our Postcollege Outcomes Clearinghouse, where we share research and best practices about how higher education institutions and professionals are exploring new ways to use data about what students do when they’re no longer enrolled.


At the IEHE, exploring new ideas and actively pursing ways to use data to increase the effectiveness of higher education institutions is what drives our work.

Upcoming Outreach:

Conferences, Presentations and Events

We’re regulars at Higher Education conferences, particularly those focused on data and institutional effectiveness. We’d love to connect and share ideas when we’re going to be in the same place. You can keep up with our upcoming conferences through the calendar at the bottom of our home page. If you’re hosting or affiliated with an event you think would be a good fit for us, please let us know about it!

IEHE President Kristina Powers shares her passion for working with institutions to solve problems by acting as an editor for several important higher education texts. Originally publishing on the topic of Organization and Administration in Higher Education (co-editor), Kristina later expanded into writing about the effective use of data in higher education. Her most recent work: Cultivating a Data Culture in Higher Education (co-editor) and the forthcoming Data Strategy in Colleges and Universities (editor)  can serve as companion texts to help institutions build the institutional infrastructure necessary to implement a comprehensive Data Strategy.


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