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WSCUC Graduation Rate Dashboard 101

This year will mark the fifth collection of Graduation Rate Dashboard (GRD) elements for all undergraduate institutions in the WSCUC Annual Report. Additionally, in spring 2018, visiting teams began to engage institutional leaders regarding their use of the GRD along with other measures to better understand and improve student success. This session is intended for those new to WSCUC and/or the GRD. Presenters will provide 1) a background of the GRD 2) definitions, 3) how to submit GRD data for the Annual Report, and 4) resources to use the data including the comparative tool and institutional use cases.

Background: WSCUC emphasizes the need to address and measure student success in a variety of ways, including student learning outcomes, student retention, progress towards a degree, and graduation rates. Toward this end, the Graduation Rate Dashboard was developed by WSCUC as an inclusive method to identify the enrollment, retention, and graduation of all undergraduate students. The primary benefit of this methodology is that it accounts for all students regardless of how they matriculate (first-time or transfer, lower or upper division) or enroll (part-time, full-time, swirling), or what programs they pursue. WSCUC institutions serving undergraduate students are required to submit Graduation Rate Dashboard data for their undergraduate programs each year during annual reporting and the Commission has started using it in accreditation reviews.

This session is intended for: 1) New to the WSCUC region, 2) New ALO, 3) New role in completing the student success section of the Annual Report, or 4) Need a refresher on the GRD

Download the session PDF here.


Apr 12 2019 - Apr 13 2019


All Day
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