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Effectiveness Enhancements

Effectiveness Enhancements

“Do more, with less” is an all-too-familiar mantra in higher education. Time and time again, we have seen institutions, leadership, faculty and staff rise to the challenges they are presented, often by finding and capitalizing on opportunities. The Institute for Effectiveness recognizes that there are always large and small ways to be more efficient and successful, but that the infrastructure and implementation barriers to capitalizing on those opportunities can sometimes seem insurmountable. Additionally, through our partnership projects aimed at resource reinforcement and capability building, the IEHE often identifies opportunities to increase effectiveness and works with institutions and individuals to implement them.


Institutions don’t always have the expertise or staff they need explore emerging data analysis trends. So the IEHE develops effectiveness enhancing tools to help institutions and individuals capitalize on the opportunities that having more information can bring. We are doing the heavy lifting on building tools to tackle the tough topics. These tools allow institutions to do things like analyze postcollege outcomes data to tell the institution’s student success story, develop predictive models using benchmarking data to prepare institutions for the future, and improve data communication between those that work with the data and other stakeholders.


Be on the lookout for updates on these tools. If you’d like to be sure you’re in the loop, you can sign up below.

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