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Data Analytic Tools

“Do more, with less” is an all-too-familiar mantra in higher education. The Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education develops tools to help institutions and individuals capitalize on the opportunities brought about by having more, better information. Our data analytic tools take the pressure off institutional resources, freeing up time and energy for using the information to make better decisions.
RealityCheck Performance Gauge

RealityCheck Report

IEHE’s signature data analytics tool helps institutions better understand their students’ completion rates. RealityCheck provides valuable feedback about the outcomes of institutional initiatives, recommendations for improving student success, and strategies for communicating the institution’s achievements. Learn more about how your institution can use RealityCheck and check out the customizable RealityCheck Report options.


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Your institution submits data to a variety of organizations every year. A LOT of data. Don’t you wish you had something to show for all that hard work (well, besides report submission emails)?


IEHE’s Innov-graphics uses your existing “on the shelf” data to create custom, innovative infographics. You’ll give us the data you’ve already gathered to create reports for organizations like HERI, IPEDS, NSSE, Noel Levitz, etc. We’ll translate that data into a visual representation that can be easily shared with and understood by your campus community, as well as external stakeholders like accreditors. Contact us to get started!

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IEHE Experimental Lab

We are passionate about solving the student success puzzle. That’s why we use the information from our research to create innovative, trailblazing data analytic tools that advance institutions. The IEHE Experimental lab is where new ideas go to grow. We are looking for individuals and institutions to participate in testing, iterating, testing some more, and commenting on early versions. Want to be part of the IEHE Experimental Lab? Join our newsletter and watch for forthcoming Calls for Experimenters.

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Data Analytics Tools