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Cross-Functional Team Management: Part II

Promoting student success at colleges and universities is a goal that almost always requires leaders with cross-functional team management skills. Improving student graduation rates can involve almost every area of the institution. So, it’s important–if not necessary–to get the buy-in of a broad group of internal constituents in order to assess what’s being done well and what can be done better. As part of your efforts, think about introducing a new tool to the student success conversation – RealityCheck.

Improve graduation rates” is an institutional priority for most institutions, and the action steps which follow can be better driven by applying knowledge gained from the results of your institution’s RealityCheck Report.

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RealityCheck Supports Cross-Functional Team Management

With RealityCheck, you’ll have at your fingertips the data needed to identify which specific student groups on your campus are graduating at higher rates than expected and which are falling short. You can leverage this information to identify institutional initiatives that are helping students succeed. Then you can consider your options. Perhaps it makes sense to broaden those programs to address other student groups. Or tweak them in ways that help serve groups of students with different needs.

Once you know which students need the most support, and can benefit the most from interventions, you can identify those campus units that can best address those needs. As a cross-functional team manager, you will already have the relationships to bring the right voices to the table. You know who to bring to the table to find common ground – even if your starting point is just a pinpoint. (See the first part of the Cross-Functional Team Management series for more on the power of pinpoints.) RealityCheck can give your project team the information they need to get there.

New data, new tools, and new perspectives may be just what your team needs to expand from a pinpoint to a landing pad.

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Want to Learn More?

Find out more about RealityCheck by contacting IEHE. Learn how you can:

  • Use your RealityCheck Report to understand what you’re getting right, and where you have room for improvement.
  • Focus your institution’s limited resources on students who can benefit most from the support.
  • Show others the evidence that your team is making a difference in student success.
  • Better tell your institution’s student success story.

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