Workshops & Courses

At the Institute for Effectiveness, we are committed to expanding our reach to help others. Therefore, we are offering courses in two areas:

  • Organization and Administration of Colleges and Universities
  • Higher Education Consulting

More details about our currently open and coming soon courses along with other resources are below. Join our newsletter (at the bottom) to get updates when a new course opens up.

Strategic Financial Accountability

Financial health and accountability of colleges and universities has and will continue to take centerstage. This course series focuses on: 1) utilizing external financial data to tell your institution’s story with context, 2) how to avoid surprise questions from external groups about public finance data and 3) building comprehensive financial models for new programs.

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Evolving from Side Hustle to Full Time Consulting Course

To help more people who have side-hustle consulting make their business official, we’ve created a course “Evolving from Side-Hustle to Full-Time Consulting.” The course is a two-week course designed to help folks through the process of officially registering their business – and the interconnected decisions of business name, testing out your business name, website address, and business structure type. The course is for any industry. Read our background article on this course and download the “Building Your Consulting Business on a Budget” calculator.


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