Image of Thomas Edison - American Innovator

Be An Innovator: Part II

Image of Thomas Edison - American innovator.

In Be an Innovator: Part I, we noted that Thomas Edison, one of America’s most prolific inventors once said,  “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

But let’s be honest . . . if you want leaders to view you as an institutional innovator, you don’t have time to try even 100 ways to solve your campus problems.

Student Success Innovation

Improving student success rates is an ongoing challenge at nearly every institution. And even where completion rates are high, almost no one reaches 100%. Most institutions invest lots of time, money, and effort into initiatives designed to support students and move them forward toward successful graduation. While some have been tested over time, others, like RealityCheck, are innovative and new.

As we’ve noted before – if student success were an easy problem to solve, higher education leaders would have mastered it long ago. Initiatives directed toward specific student groups can have significant impacts. But how can an institution tell which student groups could benefit most from additional supports?

With RealityCheck, the latest innovative tool from IEHE, an institution will have the detailed completion rates of multiple student groups . More importantly, the RealityCheck Rates compare the actual rates and expected completion rates for those groups. IEHE has taken the publicly available IPEDS Outcome Measures data and done the data analysis for you! So, the RealityCheck Report shows you which of your student groups are performing better than expected, and which are not. Knowing this, institutional leaders can make data-driven decisions about which student groups could benefit most from additional supports and services.

Image of a light bulb against a chalkboard surrounded by a chalk drawn thought bubble.  Innovators start with an idea.

RealityCheck could be just the tool your college or university needs to take your efforts to improve student success to the next level. If you’re interested in being seen as a campus innovator, perhaps it’s time to learn how RealityCheck can help your institution. And then be the innovator who brings it to the attention of campus decision-makers.

Want to Know More?

Find out more about about RealityCheck by contacting IEHE. Learn how you can:

  • Use your RealityCheck Report to understand what you’re getting right, and where you have room for improvement.
  • Focus your institution’s limited resources on students who can benefit most from the support.
  • Show others the evidence that your team is making a difference in student success.
  • Better tell your institution’s student success story.