Ask Our Students Survey

Help Your Students Tell You What Support They Need Right Now

Colleges and universities have been making every effort to implement the best decisions for their students’ health and education during the ongoing coronavirus response. As we settle into this new normal, we find ourselves doing so with unprecedented uncertainty. Resources are stretched thin, and institutions are turning their attention to what comes next. At the IEHE, we have been looking for ways we can support you. So far, we have delivered over 4,000 student responses to higher education leaders in spring 2020. IEHE has shared national aggregated results from spring 2020.

As institutions think about what’s next, it’s time to “Ask Our Students” what else they need. IEHE has created a free student survey that gives you the chance to connect with your students and ask them what the need from you now. There is NO additional burden on your institution because IEHE will administer the survey, provide you the results, and offer a few suggestions for next steps. All of this is free, simply because it is the right thing to do. We want to help the masses of institutions who have limited time and resources — but need actionable information now. You can download a summary document to share with institutional leaders about the Ask Our Students survey.


The Ask Our Students Survey will provide your institution with the data you need to gauge how your students are adjusting and determine what else they need to succeed. This no-cost survey will provide you critical insight into concerns like:

  • How are our students feeling about the transition?
  • What is working for our students, and what isn’t?

  • What student needs aren’t we addressing?
  • What else do students need to succeed?

How the Ask Our Students Survey Works

Don’t worry, we’ve got this covered. IEHE will administer the Ask Our Students Survey and send your institution’s results back to you. This is how it works:

  • Send us the list of student email addresses (spreadsheet file, one email per cell) that should receive the survey, along with your landscape-oriented logo (like for an email signature). Since student email address is directory information per FERPA, you can send the email addresses. Institutions should remove anyone from the list that should not receive the email (e.g., do not contact/call requests, under 18, etc.). We will NOT reuse/sell/share the distribution lists.
  • Select the date you want IEHE to launch your survey (note it in your email). We will email the survey link to your students; it will take them about 3-5 minutes to complete. Your institution can also send a supplemental email to let students know that the Ask Our Students Survey is on the way (this will increase your response rate). We’ve made the survey questions available.  
  • The survey will be available for your students for up to one week. The survey can be extended based on institutional interest. IEHE will monitor response rates and send interim results so your leadership team can take immediate action as warranted.
  • After the survey closes, IEHE will provide: 1) A PDF summary report by question so that your leadership team has a deliverable ready to digest, and 2) the full detailed Ask Our Students results in an Excel file. Your data team can get to work digging into the results and marrying the data with other institutional data sets and demographics.

Please Note: The institutional representative that submits the list of student emails to IEHE will be the point of contact to receive the results, unless otherwise directed. IEHE assumes that institutional representative(s) obtained appropriate institutional approvals to participate.

Value to Institutions

Insight into how your students are coping with the changes your institution has implemented.

Feedback from your students about what they need to succeed going forward.

The Ask Our Students Survey minimizes the financial, time and human resources needed to get this data and get to work.

Value to the IEHE

Apply our expert survey development and administration to meaningful work.

Fulfill our mission to partner with institutions in their efforts to improve student success.

Analyze the aggregate and share results with the higher education community so that we all can be better prepared for future events.

Future Directions for Ask Our Students

IEHE is interested in learning from higher education’s response to the coronavirus. In particular, we want to understand students interim needs/experiences so that institutions can be better prepared for the future. We think it’s important to share these findings with the broader higher education community, so we’ve shared then national aggregated Spring 2020 results. be analyzing results from all respondents across the country.

AOS Spring 2020 Results infographic

IEHE will, of course, maintains confidentiality of individual responses, only sharing them with the institution.