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What is the Accreditation Liaison Collaborative?

Accreditation Liaison is a very special role. For those of us who have served in these professionally-stretching roles, we know that the position comes with great challenges, complexity and combined with another set of responsibilities (e.g., provost, head of institutional research, vp for student success, etc.).


Serving as the Accreditation Liaison is a critical role at each college or university. Only those that have walked in these shoes know the true scope of work. That’s why IEHE has created the Accreditation Liaison Collaborative, created by accreditation liaisons for accreditation liaisons. The Accreditation Liaison Collaborative provides a national resource to support Accreditation Liaisons’ professional development, access to materials that improve the quality of an institution’s accreditation materials, and networks with other Accreditation Liaisons who have blazed trails.

How to Join the Online Accreditation Liaison Collaborative Community

The Accreditation Liaison Collaborative, powered by Mighty Networks, is an invited online community for current or former accreditation liaisons (institution/regional or discipline-specific). The Collaborative is a one-stop-shop created by a community of Accreditation Liaisons for Accreditation Liaisons to network, post ideas and resources, learn from other Accreditation Liaisons, chat, attend online events, and more. It is an online community filled with Accreditation Liaisons that want to network, learn, and improve.


Steps for Joining:

– Go to the Accreditation Liaison Collaborative online community page


– Click the “Join” button


– You will be prompted with 5 questions. This is to ensure that each person in the Accreditation Liaison Collaborative meets eligibility criteria.


– Your responses will be reviewed to determine eligibility (typically within 24 hours).


– If accepted, you will receive an invitation in your email to access the Accreditation Liaison Collaborative. [If you are not accepted, we will reach out with further questions or information on the Champions Pathways program.]


– Once inside the Accreditation Liaison Collaborative, there will be more information.


If you are an Accreditor (Institution or Discipline Specific), Consultant, Federal or state evaluation agency, Professional Association, or Vendor, email KP Powers, Founder of the Accreditation Liaison Collaborative to discuss our companion program — Champion Pathways.

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National Survey of Accreditation Liaisons

The Accreditation Liaison role is a critical role in maintaining accreditation for the institution and for disciplines (e.g., business, teaching, nursing, etc.). Yet, very little was known about Accreditation Liaisons until now.


Launched in fall 2022, the annual National Accreditation Liaison Survey gathered information about Accreditation Liaisons and their challenges, needs, and opportunities. When the Accreditation Liaison role is strengthened — so too is the institution. We think about it as “high tides lift all boats.”


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Thank you to the Advisory Group for the National Accreditation Liaison Survey. This experienced set of rock-star accreditation liaisons are blazing new trails and sharing their expertise with other Accreditation Liaisons:

Interested in Being a Champion with the Accreditation Liaison Collaborative?

The Accreditation Liaison Collaborative welcomes Champions (typically include: accrediting bodies, state or federal agencies, evaluative agencies, consultants, professional associations, vendors, etc.). Our Champion pathways offer ways to engage in meaningful ways that are of mutual benefit to Accreditation Liaisons and you. Connect with KP Powers (President) for a discovery and strategy session to learn more.