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The Power of Strategic Accreditation: Driving Institutional Impact

Coming Summer 2024!

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing higher education landscape, institutions face increasing demands for excellence, innovation, and improved outcomes. Accreditation is a widely recognized benchmark that institutions strive to achieve, but its potential benefits are often not fully realized. The Power of Strategic Accreditation: Driving Institutional Impact aims to bridge this gap by providing educational leaders with a comprehensive resource on strategically leveraging accreditation as a catalyst for institutional improvement and success.


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Organization and Administration in Higher Education (3rd Edition)

As we all prepare for the next decade ahead, we wonder if there will be issues more challenging that will make the year 2022 seem like the good ol’ days. It is with this backdrop that this distinguished set of 18 contributing authors writes this book that will be used by current as well as future higher education administrators.

Author compilation - Very Final
Transfer-In Student Supports - RealityCheck

Overachieving Institutions of Transfer-In Student Success

Informed by our research and advanced data analytics using IPEDS data, we locate institutions that are doing exceptionally well with transfer-in students at four-year institutions. We then examine what programs and services those institutions are offering to help their students succeed.

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