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Innovative Strategic Research & Analysis for Higher Education

The Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education (IEHE) innovates and improves higher education standards through our strategic research, publicly available resources, and partnerships with colleges and universities. We advocate for change by bringing truth to power for institutional success.

Strategic Research

IEHE uses our data analytic powerhouse skills to not just conduct research for research sake — we focus on strategic research that has practical and actionable use for higher education leaders. In short, our strategic research creates positive changes for student success.

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There may be one thing we know for sure about higher education–it is never going to stop changing. The Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education is excited to be part of the conversation about continuous improvement of institutions and the higher education system. We take our role as part of this community seriously. And we work every day to contribute to the higher education community by developing and sharing resources and big ideas that are accessible to everyone.

Higher Education Consulting Solutions for Complex Problems

Sometimes the most complex problems call for focused, custom work. IEHE partners with colleges and universities to provide consulting and special project services, creating deliverables that move the needle and get the job done. We can help you use data analytics and metrics that break through barriers and lead to real, observable change.

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