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Play to Your Strengths in Accreditation

We all have strengths … and not-so-strengths (aka — weaknesses), which may not exactly be weaknesses. Instead, the ‘not-so-strengths’ are simply things that one hasn’t committed to making a strength.

And since no one has time to be strong in everything, we must play to our strengths — especially in accreditation reports and visits.

That sounds simple. But it does take purposeful effort to play to the college or university’s strengths in an accreditation report and/or visit. Others do not magically see an institution’s strengths.


While the institution’s strengths are obvious to the higher education leaders at a college or university, they aren’t apparent to a review team. And simply saying ‘this is a strength’ is not enough.

Context and insight are needed to understand an institution’s strengths, how the institution is actually using its strengths — and, most importantly — how the strengths align with accreditation standards.

I see plenty of institutions sit on unused strengths that other higher ed leaders would LOVE to have. What a wasted opportunity?!

Well … no more!

The “Play to Your Strengths Program” is for institutions with an upcoming accreditation report and/or visit.