Forward-Thinking Collaboratives

At the Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education, we believe the spirit of community and collaboration is a big part of what makes working in the field of higher ed so rewarding. Since we have greatly benefited–both as an organization and as individuals–from this culture of sharing ideas and best practices, we feel it only makes sense to do our part to embrace and uphold this tradition. We are committed to exploring new ideas and actively pursing ways to use data to increase the effectiveness of higher education institutions.

Organization and Administration in Higher Education (3rd Edition)

Situating strategic planning and budgeting within the organization and administration of higher education institutions, the third edition of Organization and Administration in Higher Education provides effective and proven strategies for today’s change-oriented leaders.

Transfer-In Student Supports - RealityCheck

Overachieving Institutions of Transfer-In Student Success

Informed by our research and advanced data analytics using IPEDS data, we locate institutions that are doing exceptionally well with transfer-in students at four-year institutions. We then examine what programs and services those institutions are offering to help their students succeed.