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What does your institution’s financial health look like to external organizations – such as accreditors and state agencies? Whether you know it or not, some organizations are answering that question for an institution on their behalf, without institutional input! IEHE can help senior leaders understand the data that is publicly available about their institutions and what it means. And we can offers ways to add institutional context – even if you aren’t asked.

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As a senior leader, it is hard to digest external data like this piecemeal for your institution. There is so much information out there. And it takes time to collect it and put it in a format that you and other campus leaders can understand and act on.


Our Strategic Financial Health Definitive Guide will answer a lot of your questions about how these organizations rate institutions and what those ratings mean. But to have a complete understanding of your own institution’s ratings – and a comparison to those of your peers – you need IEHE’s Strategic Financial Health Report.


Strategic Financial Health Report logoThe IEHE team develops custom reports for each institution. Your report provides a comprehensive financial health profile based on publicly available metrics. We compile your institution’s ratings by each applicable agency and explain what they mean. The IEHE Strategic Financial Health Report will show you what others see about your institution in one easy to understand document.


You can even include your peer comparison group so that you can see how your institution stacks up against the competition.


To purchase your institution’s report complete the order and payment form below. For orders containing multiple institutions (e.g., system office, membership organization, etc.), contact us at


If you’d like to learn about on-the-shelf metrics you should be reviewing regularly in the interest of your institution’s financial sustainability, check out the recent article, co-authored by IEHE President Kristina Powers, and published by EvoLLLution. It’s full of great ideas about how to use what you have to start forming an institutional data strategy.

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