Data Strategy in Colleges and Universities

Data has become such a critical element of decision making in higher education, that every department seems to have its own sources, methods of analyses, and reports. Unfortunately, this often means different figures for similar measures, and leaves leadership wondering which numbers are the ‘right’ ones. Data Strategy in Colleges and Universities: From Understanding to Implementation discusses how institutions are turning to institutional data strategy to bring together data collection and analysis elements throughout the entire organization into one unified plan and goals. Similar to an institutional strategic plan, the data strategy allows for individual departments to have flexibility to develop their data and analyses goals, while aligning with institutional data goals. This book brings together authors from different higher education experiences and perspectives to explore key considerations necessary for the development of an effective data strategy.


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Chapters and Meet the Authors

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Part I              STRUCTURE                                                                                              


Chapter 1        The Value of Creating a Data Strategy
                          Kristina Powers and Steven A. Weiner


Chapter 2        Key Elements of a Data Strategy
                          Braden J. Hosch


Chapter 3        Using Concepts from Strategic Planning
                          Angela E. Henderson and Resche D. Hines


Chapter 4        Data Strategy Versus an Information Technology Planning
                          Sandra Kinney and Jason Lee Wang


Part II            IMPLEMENTATION                                                                                  


Chapter 5        Leveraging Existing Information from Department Plans
                          Erin J. Holmes


Chapter 6        Self-Appraisal of A Data Strategy
                          Leah Ewing Ross, Jason R. Lewis, Stephan C. Cooley


Chapter 7        Anticipating Challenges and Offering Possible Solutions
                          Shannon LaCount and Michael J. Weisman


Part III           PERSPECTIVES                                                                                          


Chapter 8        Presidents’ and Provosts’ Perspectives
                          Ivan L. Harrell II


Chapter 9        Faculty Perspectives
                          Michael S. Harris, Molly K. Ellis, Kim Nelson Pryor


Chapter 10      Student Affairs Leaders’ Perspectives
                          Sheri Jones


Chapter 11      Institutional Researchers’ Perspectives
                         Erez Lenchner


Chapter 12      Information Technology Analysts’ Perspectives
                         Derek MacPherson